Christingle Service 2017
  • 35 Ock Street
    OX14 5AG

  • Abingdon Baptist Church

Christingle Service 2017

Christmas Eve was a good time to get together the whole church at Abingdon Baptist Church, for a slightly messy, juicy time as oranges were decorated in the traditional Christingle fashion.

Ministers, Revd. Steve Millard and Revd. Dr. Paul Goodliff led the church in some carols and then an understanding of what the Christingle actually stands for:

The Orange  – For our world, created by God and held lovingly in his hands.
The Ribbon  – Representing the blood of Jesus spilt for everyone on the Cross. In the life, death and resurrection of Jesus we see God loving the world and changing people’s lives for good.
The Fruits     – The four sticks represent the four seasons and the fruits (and sweets) all the good things God gives us to eat every day.
The Candle   – Represents Jesus, the light of the world. Shining in the darkness, the light that cannot be put out.

Then came the fun part as many of the church, young and old, came forward and made Christingles. Others also lit candles to remember those not with us this Christmas time. Then for the final part of the service, we lit all the Christingles while we sang the last carols.

Happy Christmas from all at Abingdon Baptist Church and we look forward to seeing you in 2018!


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