Doubting Thomas, and the Tomb

Doubting Thomas, and the Tomb

This week we have been focusing on the story of doubting Thomas. He wouldn’t believe Jesus had risen until he had seen and felt his wounds, as he was not there the first time Jesus appeared to the disciples. Christine Hutt used some wooden characters to tell a story to us and at the end asked us if we had any doubts about what would happen. Our first activity started by us each getting some biscuit dough and rolling it out into a circle shape; next we made a hole in the middle of out dough and filled it with some jam to represent Jesus’ wounds. We then put them in the oven. While they were cooking, we were read the story of doubting Thomas then watched a video also explaining how Thomas hadn’t believed. But after seeing Jesus he had faith; and had said ‘my lord and my God’. We all reflected on if we ever had doubts or disbeliefs. After that, we all stood round a table, and each put a handful of soil in a container to start our Easter garden. We all took a flower (viola), made a hole in the soil and planted them. We then built an empty tomb out of big rocks, after placing little stones in a path up to the tomb. Our biscuits were then ready, and they were taken out of the oven, and we took them home. At the end we all said a prayer about the upcoming week. A big thank you to all the helpers who made this all possible.

By Catherine


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