Message from the Minister, June 2020

Message from the Minister, June 2020

As I write this month’s message for Contact, I am sat by the window in my study enjoying the sun and the birdsong. It is a reminder that the seasons are changing, and we are getting closer to summer. Of course, this year is a summer with a difference as we are still under the Covid-19 restrictions and are unable to meet, physically, together. However, the delights of technology are making ‘Zoom’ experts of many of us and increasing our time with family and friends on the phone if you are using ‘old’ tech!

Whilst we might be waiting for things to start up again, and it could be quite a while away yet, there are so many things that we can do to help us.

The obvious ideas of staying fit and healthy –going for a walk, cycleor run each day, to get some fresh air and clear your head a bit. Sitting in the garden (if you have one) and enjoying the sunshine (essential for vitamin D). Eating well (but not too well!) Enjoying hobbiesor starting new ones.

Perhaps you’ve done all those things –well how about another challenge –why not try and work on your relationship with God?

Maybe you have never spent much time praying, or waiting on God to answer your prayers. If you’re a busy person, it might seem like you never have time to wait. Maybe this is a time when you could set aside a few moments to just sit and listen for God?

Have you read much of his word? This could be the time to start, or maybe you have become a bit stale to it. Now could be the time to come back to the Bible and take a fresh look at what God says to us.

If you are not sure where to start, I would recommend starting with the book of Mark in the New Testament. Try reading it in one sitting, all the way through. It will give you a fresh appreciation to the flow and the timeline of Jesus’ ministry.

Having read Mark, try Luke’s gospel (a bit of a longer read, but gives a slightly different aspect to some of the passages in Mark). Then read Acts –reading about the start of the church is always exciting, as is reading about Paul’s journeys across the known world and the new churches that are built up by his ministry.

If you want some history then take a read through Kings and Chronicles in the Old Testament. If poetry is more your thing then Psalms has some amazing pictures painted by words.

There is so much in God’s word to equip and encourage each of us at times like these. So why not take the plunge and read some more of it. If you want to let me know what you think about a passage or you have questions you want to ask about what you are reading, then drop me an email – and I’ll try and answer the questions (not guaranteeing that I’ll be able to answer them all, but I do know several folk who might be able to help!!)

So, as we enter another month of this strange new existence let us be positive about renewing and improving our relationship with our Heavenly Father. It will never be time wasted!


Revd Steve Millard


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