Minister’s Musings, September 2018

Minister’s Musings, September 2018

September is a time of new starts, but in ABC we have had several changes already this summer, as I write we have welcomed two new arrivals in the church with the births of Samuel Chown and Hannah Collins congratulations to Luke and Athena and Paul and Lesia.

We have celebrated the retirement of Ian and Jill Millgate from the Baptist Union HQ and From Baptist Missionary Society HQ respectively.

We have waved farewell to Paul as co pastor as he has moved on to become the General Secretary of Churches Together in England (more from him later in the magazine)

But in the church family we know that there have been and will be lots of change going on. Everyone at school is starting a new term in a new class this month, some have changed school, others have finished school and are starting at college or moving on to university.

In our house Holly is moving on to Coventry University to start her studies for her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Then of course we have those who are moving house and leaving the area, we know that Iain and Elspeth Allan are planning to move back to Scotland (as I write this they are hoping to move before the end of August). Richard and Christine Miller are also moving on, to West London to be nearer to family.

So there is a lot of change going for lots of people. For some this change can be a bit daunting, for others it is something they have been looking forward to for some time, Whichever way you feel, if you are one of the ones undergoing this new start of time of change, then, I would like to say to you please be assured that we are praying for you.

This September we are going to be looking a little at the topic of Prayer. This will lead up to a weekend of prayer that we are planning for the weekend of 28-30th September. (look out for the advert later in this magazine!)

There is nothing to stop us praying for each other before hand though. Indeed I would highly recommend that we each spend some time every week praying for each other. Use the prayer guide in the centre of Contact if you need some inspiration.

If you want to use the following prayer as a guide please feel free to do so:

Dear God, Thank you that no matter what we are going through in life we know that you are there with each one of us. Thank you that although our lives change all the time you are unchanging, that you love us the same no matter what stage of life we are in. Help us, Lord, to love you more and to follow where you lead us.

We pray for everyone in our church and those who we know connected with the church…( insert names here) that you would guide, bless and keep them.

Inspire us with your Holy Spirit and fill our hearts with the fire of you love as we pray for those around us. Amen.



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