Connecting with nature

Thought for the day on BBC Radio 4 recently was about connecting with nature, which reminded me about writing a blog about a walk I did with Helen on the morning of Maundy Thursday. We were also accompanied by Casey, my daughter’s cockapoo. We met in the Abbey Fishponds Nature Reserve just off the Audlett Drive and saw a little egret flying above us. (I have since seen the egret again in the same place, when it was perched in a tree. Since it is all white with black legs, it was easy to spot.)  Helen and I walked down past the Leisure Centre and over the river by the weir and on to the old pound lock where we heard woodpeckers with their unmistakeable drilling sound. We then walked by Rye Farm and had coffee in Annie’s tea room watching some of the coots on the river. It is really lovely to be able to connect with nature, but also to share it with a friend, as well as to have a conversation about ‘putting the world to rights’ while you are walking. We parted by the Abbey Fishponds Nature Reserve and walking back to the Radley Road I spotted a muntjac deer, the first time I had seen one in that Reserve.
Christine Hutt


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